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Engineer Directorate

Plan and coordinate Engineer Support for all Headquarters Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) activities, Centers of Excellence and Schools. Our main focus areas are Military Construction (MILCON), Training Barracks Upgrades Program (TBUP), and the evolving Training Classrooms Upgrade Program (TCUP). We provide Engineering, Construction, General Engineering and Training Campus Area Development Plan support. We manage the TRADOC Mission Environmental and Energy programs, in direct coordination with the Army Environmental Command. We maintain contact with TRADOC units, HQ Department of the Army, HQ Installation Management Command, and HQ Corps of Engineers to ensure each command receives adequate Engineering, Environmental and Energy support.

TRADOC Military Construction (MILCON) Program – in coordination with other Army Commands (ACOMs), Army Service Component Commands (ASCCs) and Direct Reporting Units (DRUs), the TRADOC Engineer synthesizes, compiles, coordinates and manages the multi-billion dollar TRADOC mission Military Construction, Army (MCA) and Unspecified Minor Military Construction, Army (UMMCA) programs.

Training Barracks Upgrade Program (TBUP) – Initiated by the TRADOC Engineer in 2007 to rehabilitate and renew all TRADOC Training Barracks by 2015, the TBUP program includes MCA to build out the shortfalls in barracks spaces and/or replace barracks that cannot be economically upgraded. This highly successful comprehensive Army program depends upon close synchronization and balancing of funds with our partners; HQ Department of the Army and the HQ Installation Management Command. The program addresses the key facilities supporting Initial Military Training, specifically providing modern and efficient barracks, dining facilities, classrooms and operational company and battalion headquarters. Time saved through
new or renovated building efficiencies allows soldiers to receive both additional training and greater reinforcement of skills learned and better prepares them for their military professions.

Training Classroom Upgrade Program (TCUP) - Building upon the success of the TBUP program, the next focused investment area will be upgrade or replacement of General Instruction Classrooms. With the goal of providing fully integrated audiovisual, digital media, and both normal lecture and distance learning, each classroom will receive the necessary infrastructure and design to easily adapt to changing instructional methods. TCUP will incorporate the evolving Army Learning Concepts, Classroom XXI (21) digital learning systems technologies, and the latest updates to the Army’s Classroom standards.

Additional Areas of Responsibility and Support
  • Facility Standards
    • Training Barracks
    • General Instruction Buildings
    • Other select Training Facilities
  • Facility Requirements Analysis, Planning and Design Charrettes and Reviews
  • Capabilities Needs Analysis
  • Initial Military Training (IMT) Visits
  • General Engineer Support to TRADOC Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC)
  • Senior Station Review Group (SSRG)
  • Environmental Compliance
    • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and Endangered Species
    • Army Regulation 5-10 Stationing Actions Document Preparation and Review
  • Army DD Form 1391 Preparation Training
  • Army Energy
    • Energy Security
    • Senior Energy Council
  • Security and Implementation Strategy Matrix Support to the Office of the Deputy Commanding General for Initial Military Training (IMT)
  • Integrate Construction Project Quality Assurance
  • Relocatable Building Inventory Tracking
  • Army Energy and Sustainability Campaign Plan
Barracks Rendering

The TRADOC Engineer maintains reference materials on Training Barracks Facility Standards for Initial Military Training (IMT). IMT includes Basic Training (BT), One Station Unit Training (OSUT), and Advanced Individual Training (AIT). The Table below contains links to those published Army Standards. To track the execution of the Army’s Training Barracks Upgrade Program (TBUP), HQDA, HQ IMCOM and TRADOC use what is commonly referred to as the “Training Barracks Horseblanket.” This spreadsheet tool lists planned and on-going projects, by year, through the FY 15 buyout.

“Engineer Smart Cards” provide a quick look at some key School and Center Facilities statistics. The cards are configured to print on standard 5”X7” card stock and contain Installation Status Report (ISR) statistics, Training Barracks projects planned and underway, and general Army Energy Goals. As indicated below, a Common Access Card (CAC) or AKO logon is required to access these items.

General Information Facility Standards
(CAC Required)
Engineer Smart Cards
(CAC Required)