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Civilian Human Resources Directorate

Civilian Leader Development Opportunities for TRADOC Civilians






16 May 2011

Feb 2012 - Apr 2014


16 May 2011

Aug 2012 - Jun 2013


16 May 2011

May 2012 - Jul 2014


16 May 2011

Aug 2012 - Jun 2013

Harvard University Program for SEF




16 May 2011

FY 2011 - FY 2013





12 Jul 2011

Apr 2012 - Dec 2013

The Army is currently soliciting applications for the Defense Senior Leader Development Program (DSLDP), Senior Service Colleges (SSC), and the TRADOC Senior Leader Development (SLD) Program for Academic Year 2011-2013.

These programs offer opportunities for our senior civilian employees (GS-14/15 or equivalent; GS-13 by exception for TRADOC SLD) to focus on deliberate training, education, and developmental opportunities. Senior leaders are encouraged to assess their workforce and identify civilians that would benefit from these opportunities and to also share this information with their eligible civilian workforce. Applicants interested in all programs, must apply individually to each program. Any questions on these programs, may be directed to the TRADOC Program Manager, DSN 680-5294 or 757-788-5294.

These programs assist Army employees to strengthen their leadership skills and prepare them to compete for senior leadership positions with greater levels of responsibility.

DSLDP is a 2-year DoD program designed to develop senior civilian leaders excel in the 21st Century joint, interagency, and multi-national environment. DSLDP provides the means to develop a cadre of world-class senior civilian leaders with the Enterprise-wide perspective and the critical skills needed to lead organizations and programs, and to achieve results in the national security environment today and well into the future. Army participants in DSLDP will be expected to participate in the Army Graduate Placement Program (GPP), signing both a continuous service agreement and a mobility agreement as a condition of acceptance into the program.

SSC is the apex of the Army civilian Education and prepares civilians for positions of greater responsibility in the Department of Army, including but not limited to Army Enterprise Positions. The SSC provides advanced level educational opportunities for exceptional civilians. Leaders who attend must have an understanding of complex policy and operational challenges and increased knowledge of the national security mission. Army has civilian quotas for the following schools: Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF), Fort McNair, Washington, DC, Army War College (AWC) - Carlisle, PA, and Army War College Distance Education (AWC-DE) - location is your permanent place of work (AWC-DE is a two-year non-resident program).

Harvard Unv (SEF) - The Harvard University Program is a 4 week program directed primary to promising upper-level managers (GS-14/15 or equivalent grade level) who have advanced rapidly into senior positions and are now required to focus on “the larger picture” of the organization. Participants are expected to contribute their professional expertise to complement the program's learning experience, and are selected to reflect a broad cross-section of functional and operational responsibilities. The program is a unique opportunity to gain perspectives on public policy and management, to strengthen managerial skills and to acquire insights into managerial practice, and to interact across agency and executive-legislative branch boundaries.

TRADOC SLD supports the TRADOC Civilian Leader Development Program by providing a centrally funded and managed training program to develop civilian leaders able to lead and manage change, think strategically, and represent the Army across organizations. SLD continues the development of managers and aspiring senior leaders after completion of Civilian Education System (CES) courses or equivalent. SLD helps to develop a bench of talent civilians that can be utilized for special projects and initiatives. SLD is comprised of a variety of training events--short-term, long-term, developmental assignments, and mentoring – over a period of 2 years.

ASFP is a 2-3 year fellowship designed to further the professional development of senior Army employees in order to create a cadre of high potential candidates for senior leadership positions with the United States Army. Each individual selected for ASFP will have a tailored training, developmental, and mentoring plan identified in accordance with her/her needs as well as the needs of the United States Army. ASFP participants will experience classroom forums, developmental assignments, professional interaction with senior government and private industry leaders, and individual mentoring with a member of the Senior Executive Service. NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS AT THIS TIME.

ACFP is designed to provide congressional training to top Army officers and civilians.  It provides outstanding Civilians an opportunity to work in a legislative liaison duty position in their parent organization.  Fellows are temporarily assigned to the Army Secretariat in support of the Legislative Affairs function.